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My Newest Obession: Mixed Chicks

By Kamryn Adams · December 2, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

When I find a product I love I shout it to the rooftops. You've heard how much I love the maxiglide because I can keep my naturally curly hair and still play it straight when I want to be sleek. Now there's another bottle in my hair arsenal.  (I know you have one, too). It's Mixed Chicks !!!   Love your naturally curly hair and want a product that you can use without the drama? This is it.

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Mixed Chicks was created by Wendi Levy and Kim Etheridge. They have successfully created ONE product for my hair. You heard me...one product. Bye Bye to the hair milk, elixir, leave-in conditioner regimen before I head out dancing. It's one product. One!  The leave-in conditioner and styling cream are all in one product. Can I get an Amen!!!  Hop out of the shower, rub it through my hair, and I'm on my way to the party.  <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

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